Custom Hearing Protection for Shooting

How Many dB is a Gunshot?

Decibel levels for firearms average between 140 and 165 dB.

The following is the best researched compilation I have seen measuring the sound level of different firearms. Sound pressure levels are measured 1 meter to the side of the firearm. Bear in mind that sound levels above 85 dB can cause damage; above 140 dB can cause IMMEDIATE damage.

Peak dB SPL of Various Firearms

(Compiled by James E. Lankford, 3/18/14)

Winchester Model 70 (w/BOSS).357161.5
Remington Model 742.357161.4
Savage Model 110 (22” barrel).44161.0
Remington 742 carbine (18” barrel).22 blank161
Steyer-Daimler Mannlicher.38159
Remington 742 std (22” barrel).38160.1
Browning X-Bolt9mm159.7
Rossi Trifecta9mm159.1
Winchester 94.44157.5
Ruger Model 1.45 ACP156.0
Thompson/Center Encore.40156.1
Winchester 70 XTR7mm Mauser152.7
M147.62 X 51mm (.308)155.2
Colt AR-155.56 X 45mm (.223)154.2
Auto-Ordinance Tommy Gun (w/comp).45 ACP151.9
Marlin 917 VS.17 HMR151.8
Rossi Trifecta.22LR150.0
Ruger 10/22.22LR149.1
Mossberg 702.22LR150.0
Marlin Model 60.22LR
Remington 514.22LR

Smith & Wesson 586.357169
Ruger GP 100.357168.8
Colt Anaconda.44165.7
Italian starter pistol 314.22 blank165.3
Ruger GP 100.38164.7
Smith & Wesson 686 (.357).38164
Glock 179mm163
Sig Sauer P2289mm160
Colt Anaconda.44159.2
Colt 1911-1A.45 ACP159
Glock 22.40159
Smith & Wesson K-22.22LR158.1
.22 short155.1
.22 blank147.8
Smith & Wesson LR CTG.22LR157.9
Ruger MK.22LR157.5
Ruger Bearcat (4” barrel).22LR154.0
Remington 11-87 turkey.357161.5
Remington SP-10 magnum.357161.4
Remington 11-87 turkey.44161.0
Beretta Gold Match AL391.22 blank161
Remington 11-78 slug.38160.1
Remington 8709mm159.7
Rossi Trifecta9mm159.1
New England SBI.44157.5
Remington 11-87 turkey.45 ACP156.0
Remington 11-87 field.40156.1
Remington 870.22 short155.2
Pietro Beretta.22 blank154.2
Mossberg 183KE.22LR151.9
Mossberg 183KE.22LR151.8
Mossberg pump.22LR150.0
Mossberg bolt.410 (3” ammo)149.1
.410 (2.75” ammo)150.0