Custom Ear Plugs: Use and Care

Your RIGHT plug has a RED serial number stamped on the FRONT of the plug.
The LEFT plug has a BLUE serial number (see photo below). This is true for all styles of plugs and they are not interchangeable

How to Insert Custom Ear Plugs

Please allow a 1 – 2 week time period to get used to having the plugs in your ears.

For the first few times you put them in, you should rub a very small amount of lubricant around the end of the plug that goes into your ear canal.

Vaseline (petroleum jelly) works perfectly but you can use any lubricant you feel comfortable with.

If applicable to style of your ear plugs, be careful not to plug the vent hole or filter with the lubricant.

When removing the earplugs, be sure to pull from the earplug itself. Never pull from any cords, wires, or filters you may have added on; doing so can cause damage to the product.

These Videos Show You How to Put Your Plugs In Properly

How to Insert Custom Sleep Plugs


How to Insert Custom Ear Defenders (full shell)


How to Clean Custom Silicone Plugs

(musicians – keep scrolling…)

You can clean your ear plugs by simply washing them with warm water and mild soap.

You can also just rinse them with warm water (without soap). This way you’ll maintain a thin layer of natural oils from your ear canal and it makes it easier to put them in.

Either way is totally fine.​

After cleaning, if they feel slightly sticky, they may be harder to insert. Using a tiny bit of petroleum jelly will get them back to normal.

How to Clean Custom Musician Plugs

IMPORTANT: Filter buttons should be kept dry at all times.

Any ear wax that accumulates in the “inside” end of the plug can be removed with the tool that came with your ear plugs.

Use the wire loop at the other end of the brush to remove accumulated wax.

You can use a damp cloth to wipe away any ear wax that is on the outside of the plug.


If dust or dirt accumulates on the filter, brush it gently with a cloth or small brush tool that was included with your set of plugs.

If you do not feel comfortable cleaning your musician plugs, you’re always welcome to bring them to our office any time and we’ll be happy to clean them for you.

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