Custom Earplug Instruction and Support

General Use and How to Identify Your Left and Right Earplug

When you first start wearing your new earplugs, it might take a bit of getting used to (especially the sleepers). Most people are comfortable with them after a few wears.

To make it easier to put them in, you can use a small (very thin) amount of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on the tip portion that goes into your ear. Feel free to use any lubricant you feel comfortable with.

You can wash your plugs with any temperature water and any soap – or disposable wipes if necessary.

Note that the earplug for your RIGHT ear has a small red bead embedded into the face.

picture showing how to tell the difference between left and right custom earplugs
Your RIGHT earplug has a small red bead embedded on the face.

How to Insert Custom Ear Defenders and Swim Plugs

Custom Sleeper and Musician plugs

The custom Sleeper plugs (and Musician plugs) also have a red bead marking for the RIGHT ear.

They are a little bit different from the Ear Defenders. There is less material and they fit more discretely in your ear canal.

You can also put a very thin layer of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on the end that goes into your ear canal. It makes it much easier to get the plug in and helps in creating the seal.

Keep scrolling to see the easiest way to remove them…

Picture showing a custom silicone earplug for orientation of front and back
Custom Sleeper Earplug – This looks to me like somebody kneeling… 🙂

Inserting Custom Sleeper Plugs and Musician Plugs

How to remove custom Sleeper and Musician plugs

The easiest way to remove the Sleeper and Musician plug is to use your thumb (or thumbnail) to get underneath the very bottom portion.

You just have to get underneath it enough so that you can push it up.

Push the plug straight up and outward. Until you get the hang of this, you should do it in a safe spot in case the plug pops out!

Picture showing woman at vancouver custom earplugs removing custom sleep earplug
Removing Sleeper or Musician plugs: Be careful to not damage the earplug or your ear with your fingernail