The Best Earplugs for Safety & Sleep

Unlike foam earplugs, custom earplugs are tailored to match your exact ear shape and size. They snuggle into your ears and stay in – comfortably.


The only custom sleep earplugs specially designed for side sleeping comfort

Our custom Drifters™ are made of soft silicone to fit comfortably in the ear to reduce noises while sleeping through the night.

Unlike hearing clinics offering custom earplugs, our proprietary design guarantees a perfect fit with all night comfort – even for side sleepers.

You can easily pop them into your ears and remove them and they don’t fall out in the middle of the night.

Made of the highest quality medical grade Platinum Silicone, you can expect a lifespan of 5 years.

Our custom molded Drifters™ Earplugs
PIcture of custom filtered musician ear plugs

Filtered custom musician earplugs

These HI-FI earplugs mute sound naturally across all frequencies so music is safe and comfortable while still crisp and clear.


picture of a pair of custom molded ear defenders earplugs for work and shooting

Industrial Custom Ear Defenders

Custom Ear Defenders provide ultimate protection in noise impacted environments. The contour custom fit provides comfort for all-day wearing. Various filters and colours available

Picture of police officer wearing custom ear piece with curly tube for radio communication

Newscaster, Security Earmold

If you have an electronic device (i.e. radio, hearing aid) that requires a solid, comfortable fit to your ear, a custom fitted earmold is the perfect solution. Having your own custom fit earpiece is more comfortable than a generic ear piece.

Image of Richard for Testimonial about custom sleep earplugs

Richard seaby

I’ve tried a variety of earplugs, foam, wax, etc., but nothing blocked enough sound; I’m a very very light sleeper, and with my wife doing early shifts and getting up at 4 am, I was desperate. With my new plugs I’m finally getting a full night sleep. This has been lifechanging for me.

Picture of Liz in testimonial for custom sleeping earplugs and snoring noise

Liz StowE

I get an irritation from the foam ear plugs in the drug store. These ear plugs are soft material and I have no problem with allergies to the material. I have sensitive skin.

Image of Client testimonial for custom music earplugs

roselle thomas

I’m a music teacher and I teach in a loud echoing drama space. I needed to get some hearing protection as the noise level really bothers me. I’m also a brass player and I often play in front of the percussion so these fitted music plugs are perfect for either situation.

Group or remote service enquiries?

If you need a quote for staff custom earplugs or on-site audiology services for the film and music industry (discrete services), contact us.


We provide on-site audiology and custom earmold services for the film and music industry. Artists or industry workers who require custom IEM (In Ear Monitor) or hearing protection rely on us for our “perfect fit” ear impressions. We guarantee the highest level of professionalism & discretion.

Vancouver Custom Earplugs is the preferred audiologist for top IEM manufacturers including: JH Audio, 1964 Ears, Ultimate Ears.

Are you looking to outfit your staff with custom hearing protection? We provide on-site services for groups and employees in many industries including, construction, food services, warehouses, oil and gas, electricians, and other trades people.

Contact us today for a group quote.

Jamie with Post Malone – IEM Impressions on Tour

Jensen Ackles getting ears checked on set of Supernatural

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Do I need to make an appointment?

YES. You need to arrange an appointment because the ear impressions must be taken in a qualified audiology clinic by a qualified professional.

How long do custom earplugs last?

The lifespan of silicone custom earplugs is 5 years. With proper care and use, the material won’t shrink or crack and will maintain it’s softness.

Do you work with insurance companies?

Yes, we work with insurance companies frequently. If you have coverage, be sure to bring your insurance card to your appointment.

What is the NR rating of custom earplugs?

The maximum NR (Noise Reduction) rating of silicone custom earplugs is 24dB – 28dB (CSA Class A & AL). Maximum effectiveness relies on a proper fit.

Is there warranty in case I’m not satisfied?

Yes, custom silicone earplugs come with a 1 year warranty against material manufacturing defects. We commit to working to make them perfect for you.

If necessary, your plugs can be remade and/or fine-tuned to guarantee your satisfaction.

What is the process of getting custom earplugs?

Once your ear impressions are taken, they are sent away to a manufacturer and the earplugs are custom made to perfectly match the shape of your ear canal. Within 10–‐14 days your custom earplugs will be received at our office. Then, we’ll ship them to you and contact you to confirm shipment.

You’ll be provided with a carry case, cleaning tool and online support if needed.